Automatic Glueing System


ARNOLD can offer a complete production line of automated glueing systems totally based on customers’ request. We can offer a completely process line starting from cleaning of the brick to assembling the brick pieces, or a stand-alone glueing system which will operate independently. Moreover, Our AEPS – ARNOLD Easy Panel System - is a unique software tool to configure application of adhesive beadings in a completely free and individual manner. With the automatic glueing system, you can get the advantages as follow:

  • Reduce material costs due to precisely dosing control
  • Exact positioning of bricks and glass plates via robot
  • Continuous monitoring of all necessary process consumption
  • Increase 2-3% yields by reducing manual process time
  • Designed the pattern easily by AEPS

If you like to know more details, please contact with us. We are willing to discuss your request according to your needs.