Actuators, Valves and Accessories


The diversity of process technology and the thereby processed mediums is reflected in an even larger diversity of products which are deployed in plant construction.

The arrangement of products presented here is only a small representative selection from our total range of products. This range of products includes pneumatic and electric actuators, positioners, limit switch boxes, pressure boosters or reducers as well as solenoid valves.

All products are available in groups or as singles, fitted out with manual or automatic valves or even in special combinations whereby the perfect solution will be found for each and every actuator interface.

We can provide our customers with consultation and layout suggestions. In addition, we can provide training for the employees as well as supporting services according to your demand.

Please find out a brief introduction below of our products:

  • Valves
  • Industrial valves are “control points“ in process technology. Beside the classical “ON/OFF“ control system, the exact dosage or another direction of flow is necessary in order to control the process in hand. The type of medium flowing, temperature and ambient conditions dictate the selection of a suitable valve. When the right selection has been made, a pneumatic or electric actuator rounds-off the valve to the effect that automation is carried through to completion. The advantage of automation lies in the fact that the process in the plant can be controlled more exactly and is in turn safer.

  • Actuators
  • Pneumatic actuators and electric actuators in plant construction apply to ON/OFF – as well as to positioning applications. They can be deployed in almost all types of pipework plant.Some examples include chemical products, foodstuffs, paper production as well as water and wastewater treatment. Our products have proved their worth over decades. Special applications are covered by our stainless steel actuators or special coatings.

  • Accessories
  • This is the most comprehensive product group, finally enabling a custom-designed layout and control of automatic valves. The driving actuator for the valve has interfaces for positioner, limit switch boxes and override gear boxes as well as additional interfaces for solenoid valve and pressure booster. Throttles and silencers are equally useful for smooth and safe plant operation.

    Our sales staff will gladly listen to you and discuss the way towards a solution.Please contact us for more details. Or you can take a closer look at our brochure first.