Surface grinding machine 72/860


Our surface grinding machines have a standard equipment of 4 parallel arranged grinding spindles. The loading of the machines can occur manually as well as fully automatic via a robot. Brick sizes of 125 x 125 mm – 210 x 210 mm and a length of 180 mm – 1000 mm can be processed.

  1. Automatic change of format (125/156)
  2. Equipped with two loading zones for manual and fully automatic loading
  3. Pneumatic clamping and centering of work piece
  4. Squared ingot/brick can be processed without preparation
  5. Automatic wheel correction
  6. Detection and evaluation of the workpiece specific quality data after grinding
  7. High throughput: approx. 44000 bricks/year (mass production of brick dimension 156 x 156 x 350 mm)
  8. Cycle time:only 10 minutes / 350 mm per brick


Type72/860.500- 125/15672/860.1000- 125/156
Workpiece Length180mm-500mm400mm-1000mm