External Cutoff saw 72/360*


72/360 This machine is suitable for cutting squared multi and mono crystalline silicon work pieces. Also, it is used for Top and Tail cutting, recycling cuts and analysis wafer cutting. The suitable workpiece length is from 50 to 550 mm and the suitable diameter is from 120mm to 160mm. the analysis wafer thickness is less than 1.5 mm.

To suit the needs of the customers, the machines can be equipped with the specially developed software ARPAT for the acquisition and analysis of your production information. These can be stored in a Microsoft SQL-database and can easily be supervised worldwide from your own computer.

  1. Equipped for manual and fully automatic loading
  2. Low kerf-loss by thin blade guidance ≤ 1,7 mm
  3. Low kerf loss: less than 1.3mm
  4.Over 6 months of high wheel lifetime
  5.Machine capacity: approx. 52.000 cuts/year
      (based 24 hour mass-production)

*Watch the demo video on youtube!